READING PLATH AT 11PM collected fragments by sarah sophia yanni

the slime of all my yesterday’s

rots in the hollow of my skull

the bestial and sensuous delight of sun on skin

the thin, tenuous thread of your existence

evening shrink to an artificial two-dimensional slice of time

away back to living again as living is full

the anemic, faintly cloudy globe of day time

agreat, glowing, golden peace

and i arose shining from the centuries of love clean and satiated from the consuming fire of his casual and timeless desire

custodian of emotions

tonight i feel the wetness heavy about me


you feel the dangerous premonitory ache

and the wind has blown a warm yellow moon up over the sea: a bulbous moon which sprouts in the soiled indigo sky and spills winking white petals of light upon quivering black plains of ocean water

beating, melting my body to gleaming warm bronze, bronze-thighed, bronze-breasted, ripe and full, glowing

where is the girl that i was last year?

note: all fragments are direct quotations from the unabridged journals of sylvia plath.

sarah sophia yanni is a half egyptian & half mexican writer in los angeles. she is the author of the forthcoming chapbook ternura / tenderness (bottlecap press) and is currently pursuing an MFA from the calarts school of critical studies. find her on instagram @sssaritahh & at www.sarahsophiayanni.comcontact