4 UPDATES FOR ELYSE by peter friedman

how are you
good i
took a little
feel a little
like a loaf
miss you
but otherwise
not too bad
i think
that band
i like that
you don’t
does the version
of eidelweiss
on high tower
or whatever
the nail salon
is getting rid of
these cool chairs
but we don’t need
realized in supermarkets
i just say
excuse me
thank you
I love the
i love you goodnight
in that order
when i get home
i want to
write a poem
with it
see you soon

how are you
good the
doctor is
an hr
behind schedule
do you need
help with the
or did you
want me to stay
with the
sounds good
we’re at
the dog run
would you want
to go to
this show
i think
we’re ok
for the week
see you soon

how are you
G just came
got some fresh pasta
headed back now
also btw
krista’s room
was covered
in pee pad
and also
one thing
that looked like
soap? Idk
see you soon

how are you
i rly have
to pee
I’m going
go to
the apartment
if you guys
go to
diamond lil
i can pop over tho
I’m getting
a slice of pizza now
getting a little
drunko now
kinda wanna see
the abstraction exhibit
at the goog
if it’s the one
who repeats
words a lot
it’s life
without buildings
just not super prepared
for these meetings
oh fuck
shall I order something?
see you soon

peter cole friedman is a preschool teacher and writer based in brooklyn. he is co-founder and -editor of the virtual literary and arts magazine glitterMOB.