3 THINGS THAT HAPPENED by jack royer


i splashed in a puddle
today, got all wet
all the way down to my socks

but it was so fun,
even the socks were fun


i shaved my chest
today, which was great
but now i have this pile
of chest hair—if u want it,
hmu, it could be used for anything
maybe a craft or tied together as thread
idk, i just don’t want to throw anything out
i’m doing a no waste challenge


sonder was real cool in 2012
when i had never heard of alienation
and thought a word for radically obvious
empathy was life changing

in 2018 i’m in braunschweig
untangling my headphones
watching a man on another platform
do the same. anyways, i’m listening
to playboi carti and feeling incredible

when a woman asks me if she’s
on the right platform. i can’t speak
german but i understand her by the time
and the destination of the train that had just left

what an awful feeling. and i don’t
even need to sonder to understand

jack royer is trapped in an analog world. jack is on instagram and twitter @melted_cloud.