22 voicemails transcribed into poems by sionnain buckley
1 chart kept by sionnain buckley
1 iphone photo and 1 poem by annette covrigaru
10 favorite snack foods and 1 post-it note by matthew demarco
4 poems by mariel fechik
1 annotated reading list co-curated by graham feyl
4 updates for elyse by peter friedman
8 images by danielle goshay
2 lists found by corin gryparis
5 photos taken 1 month apart by peter hogenson
2 poems by vanessa maki
3 memories and 1 recipe by janelle miller
designed for your lifestyle by alexandra naughton
time by connie mae oliver
1 photo by luis paneque
16 one-sided conversations by eric qian
3 notes and 1 portrait by mary ritchie
5 receipts found by noah ross
3 things that happened by jack royer
1 essay by ryan ruby
3 lists by dan schapiro
4 ascii haikus by ottavia silvestri

2 lists by david joez villaverde
6 found poems from conversations with isobelle waller
7 notes and 7 photos by lauren whitacre
chili sin carne (for four) by romney wood
tales from the table by monica z
reading plath at 11pm by sarah sophia yanni