3 LISTS by dan schapiro  

Songs everyone else had on their ipods but i wasn’t allowed to obtain

- dick in a box by the lonely island

- mc’s touch my body

- keeps getting better by xtina

  - “some day i’m that super bitch”

  - my mom called up itunes customer service to try to get this song registered as explicit

  - (it didn’t work)

- Sexy and i know it – LMFAO

You cut too many people out of your life

- “all” “I” “spread” “is” “negativity” “I” “almost” “got” “you” “killed” “I” “am” “helpless”

- etc.

- etc.

- etc.

- etc.

- etc.

- took a trip back to israel the day like 20 kids in gaza were missiled

- the sun rose

- my being in love with you already gave you more poems than you deserved

- Was a man

- (& another)

- (& another)

- she worked for Vogue, said the bulls “liked” it, and wrote like this


1. daniel

2. Daniel

3. don’t memorize the ache

4. Letters are not bodies

5. achilles did break them

dan schapiro is about to sneeze in a very quiet library. his work is also published in FEELINGS, and he runs a poetry series for neuroqueers in the village. send him hate mail, coupons, etc. @gayforcommunism on instagram