7 notes and 7 photos
by lauren whitacre

notes from my iPhone:

1. I got period blood on my towel when I got out of the shower and used it to wrap around my hair remembering how clean the blood really is.

2. Sometimes I eat so much food I get so full I pretend that I'm pregnant. I walk around the house holding my belly.

3. The rising church. Well, that's painfully obvious.

4. Emergencee and cigarettes taste like a bad pastry.

5. I wondered if we could walk side by side more together: hot dog poem

6. Eruption
Fun point
You're in charge

7. I am a monster to feel good

Klaus and I in the kitchen

When I was taking a smoke break at work and found glitter all over the ground

A picture I took while on a date when I went to the bathroom

Me and my cat, Klaus

Some serious self-indulgence

Some kind of dinner I made and thought looked scrumptious

A photograph of myself in my grandfather's bedroom