7 NOTES AND 7 PHOTOS by lauren whitacre  

Notes from my iPhone:

1. I got period blood on my towel when I got out of the shower and used it to wrap around my hair remembering how clean the blood really is.

2. Sometimes I eat so much food I get so full I pretend that I'm pregnant. I walk around the house holding my belly.

3. The rising church. Well, that's painfully obvious.

4. Emergencee and cigarettes taste like a bad pastry.

5. I wondered if we could walk side by side more together: hot dog poem

6. Eruption
Fun point
You're in charge

7. I am a monster to feel good

Klaus and I in the kitchen

When I was taking a smoke break at work and found glitter all over the ground

A picture I took while on a date when I went to the bathroom

Me and my cat, Klaus

Some serious self-indulgence

Some kind of dinner I made and thought looked scrumptious

A photograph of myself in my grandfather's bedroom

lauren whitacre is an artist and musician from chicago who recently moved to kansas city to complete her undergraduate degree at the ripe old age of 27. she went to columbia college chicago from 2009-2010 and studied fiction writing and photography. from 2009-2015 she formed the band sister crystals and recorded an EP, little bits, and a self-titled LP that was released on walk-in records. she was also a member of the DIY venue and record label feeltrip that hosted bands and artists in a warehouse near chinatown in chicago. now she's making photographs and short stories and is studying both these mediums at the kansas city art institute. lauren's work revolves around the ideas of failed partnerships, absence, the celebration of intimacy in womanhood and thoughts around death and dying. her photographic works are primarily slideshows that are accompanied by soundtracks.