3 NOTES AND 1 PORTRAIT by mary ritchie


Hiciste eso a tu mismo

Imagínate, mi mano como tuya


Squeaking sound on train sounds like dogs whining and howling from the other side of the tracks
After the man made me get off for not paying my ticket
Neither pity nor mercy won this round


M e d I t a t I o n s o n r o m a n c e

Glass is not a solid but a very thick liquid that melts over years and years


Mymothertaughtmehowtoloveothersshetaughtmehowtoloveamanbutshecouldntshowmehowtolovemyself she is still trying to teach herself but she has no mother to show her
I love her
and I know she doesn't love me as much as she loves her man and I'm not upset abt it

I am her daughter

I am her daughter

I am hers
What do I do now that I caught one? Mommywantstoseehim.shewantstoknowhim.isitworthit.whatisworthit
What is it like to live a life where your end goal isn't a loverr?iwanttoknowiwanttoknowiwanttoidobutiknowIwontorifidoitllbealongtimefromnow.whatisitliketostriveforsomethingoutsideuroppression?can I be more than a woman

Not a man but just someone. Whatisitliketolivealifewheresexattheendofthenightisthebestthatcouldhappen? I know there is more but its all I see. Its all I see.my mama cups her hands at the edges of my eye’s horizon
Its not hard to take them away.
Its not its not
so hard

But is it worth it

mary is an emerging writer from south louisiana. she is currently seeking the meaning of love (among other things) while teaching english in seville, spain. find her on instagram @glasssslag.