3 memories and 1 recipe
by janelle miller

Date: October 20, 2017
Time: 6:15pm
Location: 12 East Cermak Road, Chicago, IL 60616

2 teaspoons of vanilla
6 eggs
4 sticks of butter
1 cup milk
3 cups sugar
3 cups of cake flour


Date: January 15, 2018
Time: 3:48pm
Location: Grandma’s kitchen table w/ Mom and Boo.

My hand holds a picture of two girls, childhood friends, on the left Carla and the right me. 49 days before Grandma's passing.

Sweet potatoes have always been a part of my life, my roots food, before whole foods and target had them as the latest health food craze they were a staple we could pick them up at my local moo n oink. I know you as another, beloved yam.


Date: September 1, 2017
Time: 6:40pm
Location: Washington Park, Chicago, IL (African Festival of the Arts)