22 VOICEMAILS transcribed into poems by sionnain buckley

Hello human
I feel like you um
personalized that voicemail for me
but um
maybe that’s just me trying to make myself feel special

I really need you right now because I don’t know what to do and
I sorta feel like vomiting and crying
I’m just sort of walking
this always happens to me
I love people and I plan everything around them and I do so much for them and then they just fuck me over all the time
I mean I was so good

I’m crying apparently
mostly because
I feel alone again
I went on a hike by myself but that only lasted so long because the weather
it poured
I’ve just been driving around in this stupid van and
I sat in a parking lot
and thought a lot
and started crying

Haven’t heard from you in a while
I think I called you
like maybe last week
maybe two days ago
just wanted to vent and let out some nervous energy give me a call back
if not tonight before eleven then tomorrow after four

Shannon it’s Nancy I’m calling to say ha—

Hello Shannon this is not your friend Leslie calling
this is Leslie’s ghost because she literally died last night just wanted to see how the rest of your night went
and then talk about coming to pick up my laptop
and other things

I haven’t spoken to you in a really long time

I’m sorry I’ve been so out of touch
trying to get with the schedule
I’ll try to keep calling you
maybe later today
maybe after work or something like that
time difference makes it hard because I don’t get off of work till nine that’s twelve or midnight your time

Just wanted to see what you’re up to and talk to you if I’m here I’ll answer it
if I’m not someone else will answer it
and they’ll tell me about it later
just wanted to say hi and that I love you that’s it

Mmm hello hello hello
calling to tell you that I got this award
there was just a surprise party for me very overwhelming I’m carrying a cake and I got an award
this is a thing and I wanted to tell you about it
cool okay bye

It’s kind of funny
because my phone is almost always on silent also
I just thought you’d be intrigued to hear about the inquiry I got just a little bit ago after our conversation today it’s um rather uncanny
call if it’s convenient and if not we’ll get it on the next go-round.

Hi you it’s me
you’re sleeping right now which I knew
I just wanted to hear your voice and talk to you in real time currently walking by a flock of baby pigeons fighting over a bagel wow they’re really in my pathway

I know you’re hitting the road
you’re probably hitting the road like before I get out of training well maybe we can text while you’re on the road
journeying to Newpz
I don’t know if that’s how you pronounce Newpz
that’s how i always said it in my head when you texted it to me anyway I’m rambling

This is my Mexican number
I can take American calls
you should be able to reach me alright give me a call back later

Oh my goodness
I have never heard your answering machine
whatever the hell you call it
voice mail message before and you’re a dream
I’m so glad I’m friends with you

I’m just wondering how you’re doing and what your stories are and
how is it going
I would like a phone call back
talk to you soon bye

I know that now you’re in Maine
that’s super exciting I had no idea
when did you buy a ticket
I love the idea that it’s a farm to table restaurant I absolutely love that
forty minutes is perfect cause
you can do your own thing and
they can do their own thing and
you can see each other I really love that
um I’m really really excited for you
call me I can’t wait to hear about it
how much was your flight i’m very curious bye

Hi my love it’s me
I just got home um
I went to go watch Hocus Pocus at a friend’s house and like
ugly cried as soon as I got there
I just don’t know I just don’t know
it’s really fucking hard
I know he loves me and I know he’s trying
but it’s really fucking hard when I have like
my own things to worry about and like be sad about
sorry to call you on halloween eve and like leave you this voicemail but maybe we can talk tomorrow cause I miss you
happy halloween

Hey bean I just got out of therapy and thought I’d give you a call cause holy shit you got pubbed
yeah that’s it
I’m walking
I thought I’d call cause I’ll be writing a paper the rest of the day ha ha

Just checking on you and Daisy
I hope everything is well and you guys are good and warm and you got enough food okay I’ll talk to you later bye bye

Hi I love you I miss you call me back

You have the cutest voicemail it’s adorable
but not as cute as you are as a real life person
I was calling to tell you my ridiculous Liz story that is currently happening to me and I miss you and I’m going to be in Maine in May
call me back if you want to bye

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sionnain buckley is a queer writer and visual artist based in boston. her fiction has appeared in New South, The Account, and Crab Fat Magazine, and is forthcoming from Wigleaf. she serves as General Editor at 3Elements Review. when she isn't writing strange stories, she is consuming queer media and popcorn in equal measure. find her on instagram @shanchop.