10 favorite snack foods and
1 post-it note

by matthew demarco

matthew demarco lives in chicago. his work has appeared on poets.org and in columbia poetry review, ghost city review, landfill, jet fuel review, and elsewhere. he also has work forthcoming in sporklet. poems that he wrote with faizan syed have appeared in dogbird and they said, an anthology of collaborative writing from black lawrence press. he tweets sporadically from @M_DeMarco_Words.
Before the author started grad school a few years ago, the second-years started an email thread of introductions in advance of a party they were throwing to welcome the new first-years. Most of his entry on that email thread was the following (unedited):

Without further ado, here is a detailed ranking of my favorite snack foods:

Triscuits-brown rice, tomato and basil flavored variety

Sabra hummus, garlic variety, with pita chips

This one spinach hummus I had once with carrots

Triscuits-classic variety

Chex Mix, classic variety, with green Naked juice
This combo is an excellent substitute for McDonald's during intercity bus trips


Wheat Thins-sun-dried tomato and basil variety
Wheat Thins are basically slightly worse Triscuits, amirite?

El Ranchero tortilla chips, any variety, with any decent salsa

Home-made kale chips with Lawry's Seasoning Salt

Autumn foliage

Lay's potato chips-dill pickle flavored varietyvariety

Little yellow Post-It note of thoughts written down by the author at work a couple of weeks ago. The author does this to keep track of fleeting ideas or feelings that come and go during the day, as well as to make a note of things he needs to do when he gets home or on his lunch break. He usually winds up throwing them out that night, but he left this one in a notebook.